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By the year 2015, we had often heard our Wounded Warriors Weekend participants verbally describe themselves with expressions such as  1.“They can’t kill us”, or 2.“We keep coming back,” or 3. “we’re here, we’re there, we’re everywhere.”


Much like the “Poppy” that so honourably represents recognition of those who have gone before, willingly sacrificing their lives in defense of our freedoms, it was our desire to find a significant, recognizable symbol that reflected these three points.  There were of course many suggested candidates however the simple “Dandelion” was unanimously chosen because it addressed all three of the often repeated, self describing sentiments of our Wounded Warriors themselves.


It was  Jennifer Pinto, a well known, highly respected veterans advocate and staunch supporter of Wounded Warriors Weekend, who coined the all encompassing phrase “Surviving Despite Adversity” .


In the fall of 2015, Wounded Warriors Weekend Foundation Inc. officially adopted  the Dandelion and our surrounding mantra “Thriving Despite Adversity”. It is our goal that future generations will come to recognize the significance of the wearing of our “Dandelion” in support of our Wounded Warriors worldwide.


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