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WOUNDED WARRIORS WEEKEND was once a dream in the heart of an Air Force veteran, Blake Emmons.

That dream became a reality in August of 2012 when the town of Nipawin Saskatchewan hosted not 20 as originally planned, but over 120 Wounded Warriors from Canada and the USA.

The first Saskatchewan "WOUNDED WARRIORS WEEKEND" was a transforming weekend for everyone, those who were wounded and those who were there to help. The healing of damaged souls was visible as we saw how nature, music, compassion and support refreshed, nurtured and strengthened the delegates. Friendships were struck; families bonded; networks were created.

With the total support of Saskatchewan's Royal Canadian Legions and at the special request of Saskatchewan's Lt. Gov. the Hon. Vaughn Solomon Schofield, the Wounded Warriors Weekend was presented once more in 2013. This time Wounded Warriors from Australia and the UK were welcomed along with our Canadian and American troops. Well over 200 Wounded Warriors were once again welcomed, entertained and honored with an outpouring of gratitude from the citizens of Saskatchewan.

The Royal Canadian Legion branch #120 is now proudly known as the "Mother Church" of Wounded Warriors Weekend.

We are equally proud to announce the passing of our Wounded Warriors Weekend flag to the Royal Canadian Legion branch #110 in Slave Lake Alberta, where they will present WOUNDED WARRIORS WEEKEND 2014 and host over 200 Wounded Warriors from Canada, the USA, Australia and the UK.

The Slave Lake Committee, the town of Slave Lake and the Lt. Gov. of Alberta, the Hon. Donald S. Ethel invite you to join our celebration August 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 2014 in Slave Lake, Alberta. Please click on our Slave Lake Website for all the latest information.